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to get more things done at work

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Too much on your mind?

prime your productivity background
Do you lack focus?

Is your to do list only getting longer?

Perhaps you’ve read some blogs or books on time management. Maybe even attended a workshop about goal setting. Of course you were excited at first, but a few weeks later you’re lacking discipline to keep it up.

"In order to change the way you work,
you need to change your habits."

This is easier said than done. We believe it’s possible to create a sustainable and easy way of working in becoming more productive.

We know from experience that this requires more than tips from a book. The only system that works is your system, custom made.

Do you suffer from stress?

Do you sometimes feel guilty when you make people waiting because your planning failed? 

Do you literally have piles of work on your desk? Are you always thinking about you work and do you find it difficult to ‘switch off’? Do thoughts about work pop up in your head when you’re in bed? 

”The bad news is, time flies.
The good news is you're the pilot.”

Don't be busy, be productive

During the day you answer many emails, phone calls and requests from your colleagues. At the end of the day you have a look at your to do list. You haven’t crossed as much items as you would have liked to. 

It looks like you’ve been more busy with someone else’s to do list. 

The job hasn’t been done…so what do we do? We work longer hours…we work harder. The key is to productive, not busy. 

Prime your productivity


During this program you have 60 minute video coach calls (every other week)


For three months you'll receive a weekly video packed with practical tips, tools and techniques.

Also expect several demonstrations in how to get to Inbox Zero? Are you looking for a way to organise your work? No problem, we also have this covered in our series.

Within 3 months you

  • become aware of your biggest distractions
  • know how to protect your concentration
  • don't have several to do lists lying around
  • have a simple system that gives you a complet overview
  • stop procrastinating
  • can make a realistic planning
  • become a star in setting priorities
  • have less things on your mind
  • get more stuff done
  • have an inbox zero and a to do list that works

Road map

Sign up for intake

Fill out the form below and we get in touch for an intake.

Select dates

After payment we select dates for the video coach calls

Instruction book

You receive an instruction book at home with all important information, tips and assignments.

Online training

Every week you receive a video about productivity in your inbox

Coach calls

Every other week you have a 60 minute video coach call

The benefits of online training ánd coaching

  • The videos are compact and practical. You can immediately apply the tips and techniques at work
  • During the program you can watch the videos as often as you want
  • You receive an instruction book at home, so you don't have to print or download anything.
  • Online coaching saves you loads of travel time
  • You can start the program whenever you want

Try this at home

The great thing about this program is that the provided tools & techniques also work at home. We all have some home improvement to do that we’re postponing. Fixing a crack, paint jobs or putting together photo albums.. These home projects also require a good overview, a realistic planning and setting the right priorities. 

Meet your instructor

Instructor Max Ohlenschlager

My name is Max Ohlenschlager, living in the Netherlands. I’ve been coaching professionals in productivity since 2011. 

Books and blogs about time management are informative and inspiring, but it’s not enough. Why? Because everyone’s unique. The only system that works is a custom made system. 

If you really want increase your productivity, it’s important that you find someone who can coach you. 

Prime your Productivity offers you the proper know how ánd personal guidance, so that you create a sustainable way of working efficiently and effectively. 

Prime your Productivity

online coaching program
1250 excl VAT
  • 3 month program, start today
  • Personal online coach sessions every other week
  • On line video training packed with tips, tricks & tools

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